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The Balloon Idol (contest)

1st Place - Balloon Idol

Javier Gallaga

Participating at the first ever Balloon Idol was an unforgettable experience. Although I was very nervous while participating with the live cameras, it was all very well worth it. One of the changes I made after participating at the event was to kickstart the launch of our official website,

2nd Place - Balloon Idol

Marlene Zuniga

What motivated you to participate?

The confidence that they inspired in me since I knew that this event would take place, and above all, the confidence that I have in the Gemar balloon with which I know that spectacular things can be done. Without a doubt, The Balloon Trip was a unique experience, in which apart from knowledge, I left great friends with the same goals, objectives, and the same love for the Balloons.

3rd Place - Balloon Idol

Iris Isaza

After the event, what changes have you made to your decorations or your business?

First I learned that you can’t work alone! The Balloon Trip gave me the opportunity to grow in knowledge but it also gave me the opportunity to meet so many people who have the same feeling and dedication in the magical world of balloons. In addition, together we can develop large projects if we wish.

We just have to put to practice the necessary techniques. Lastly, let our imagination fly and let our hands make it into reality.

Vincenzo Musto

  Vincenzo Musto empezó su viaje por el mundo de la decoración con globos en 1992, cuando abrió su primera tienda de globos en Nápoles, Italia. Curiosamente se concentró en varias técnicas y efectos especiales, pero se enamoró de la creatividad del arte de los globos cuando descubrió el torcimiento. Ahora se especializa en técnicas de modelado de globos. En 2008 Vincenzo fue invitado a unirse a la academia de maestros de Gemar®. Su experiencia y su pasión innata por los globos lo convirtieron en un maestro. Viaja con entusiasmo para promover la cultura de los globos y enseñar técnicas de decoración. Vincenzo enseña en todo el mundo, desde Europa hasta Asia, Medio Oriente y Estados Unidos.

Claudio Casagrande

🇪🇸Aprilia, Italia. Pronto descubrió su pasión por el arte de la decoración con globos. Con los años fue adquiriendo experiencia en la creación de esculturas, aplicando técnicas
innovadoras con globos G-link. En 2006 Claudio fue invitado a unirse a la academia de maestros de Gemar®. En 2008 participó en GEMAR’s G20 y el debut de la Academia.
Claudio enseña en todo el mundo, desde Europa hasta Asia, Medio Oriente y EstadosUnidos

Lia Leottau

🇺🇸 Lia has always been creative. At first, she was dedicated to the art of makeup, until one day she offered to create an exhibition of balloons. It was fortunate, since that first exhibition gave birth to a passion for the art of balloons that has made it a world leader in the industry. As her passion and vision grew, Lia transformed into a true artist. She loves working with colors and adding accessories to create amazing and creative artworks. Her sculptures are always a little different, fun and innovative in all their beautiful details. Lia owns the Balloons by Lia Leottau store and is an enthusiastic businesswoman who has captivated the entire world with her talent. She also makes time to listen to music, dance and go out with friends. The energy and joy she experience in the dancefloor is reflected in the grace and form of her sculptures, which are truly the ultimate of balloon art.