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Online Gemar Balloons Convention Gemar Convention Miami 2021

1st Online Convention from Gemar Balloons USA

April 11,12,13 - 2021

3rd Gemar Balloons
Convention Miami 2021

October 21,22,23 - 2021

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Gemar Live Experience

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Balloonista virtual.

  1. Instructions: For this event, we will send a balloon kit along with the Gemar Day box … when will we do it? the first day (1st) of April in the large virtual room that we will broadcast on Zoom. (Link you will receive with registration).

  2. At a specific time, participants will be able to perform the challenge with the kit they will previously have in their box, with instructions. And so, we can do it!.

  3. After completing the challenge, as a participant you will receive a (01) virtual certificate in your mailbox within 24 hours of the challenge being approved. Good luck!

The Spirit of Gemar

Rules: Perform a bouquet theme: free.
Competition Policies: The work should reflect the spirit of the contestant of the 1st Gemar day USA Convention The experience.
You must email us Your sculpture or bouquet to
They should only use Gemar product for latex.
Your bouquet should go with a brief overview of what inspired you to look for the spirit of Gemar.
Additionally, you must send a profile picture.
The top 5 sculptures will be uploaded on our website in the Gemar spirit area and the top 3 with the most votes will participate for a Grand Prix.


If you withdraw from the event for any reason (before January 31, 2020), the amount paid to date will be returned minus $100 penalty for administrative expenses and liability to vendors.

If you withdraw from the event due to any circumstance (after February 01, 2020), 80% of the amount paid to date will be withheld due to penalty of administrative expenses, liability to vendors and coordination of the event.


Your quote in the event is non-transferable, this is because when you already register there are procedures and material awarded to your name and data.

 The $100 gift card will be used only at:

  • 1. Shopping in the Funny balloons store.
  • 2. Purchases at the vendor during the event.
  • 3. Purchases by phone To our store.

Your gift card will be valid from April 19, 2020. (No expiration date).


  • Realizar un bouquet tema: libre.
  • El trabajo debe reflejar el espíritu del concursante de la 1ra Convención de Gemar day USA The experience.
  • Debes enviarnos Tu escultura o bouquet por correo electrónico a
  • Solo deben usar producto Gemar para el latex.
  • Acompañado de tu bouquet debe ir una breve reseña sobre lo que te inspiro a buscar el espíritu de Gemar.
  •  Adicionalmente debes enviar una foto de perfil.
  • Las mejores 5 esculturas serán puestas en nuestro website en el área the Gemar spirit y el los 3 primeros que tenga mas votaciones participaran por un Gran Premio.