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Yaritza Martinez

🇺🇸  Yaritza Martínez Toro I am 35 years old, mother of a beautiful girl. With my university studies I became a Human Biologist, but 5 years ago I dedicated myself to the wonderful world of balloons. Together with my colleague and friend, we have given more than 40 Balloon Workshops, impacting over 600 participants. Just in 2022 I was named as Gemar Talent and in 2023 I had the honor and privilege of opening a Funny Balloons PR balloon store. I consider myself a very hard-working person and willing to give 200% for my family, work and business.

Roberta Pinto

🇺🇸 Roberta has been working with balloons since 1995. In 2003 she opened her own party shop specialising in balloons and in 2011 she held her first Balloon Art seminar. It was through this work that she became acquainted with Gemar®.
Seeing her deep love and talent with balloons she soon started working with Gemar® as a teacher for Academia, making numerous tutorials for magazines in the Balloon Art sector and holding seminars in different countries including Italy, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Israel, Florida and Russia. Roberta’s greatest passion is Fantasy Flowers, an elegant and captivating technique.

Paloma Saldana

🇺🇸 Paloma was born in Mexico and is now based in California. Paloma is a bachelor in communication science. She says that she has been conquered by the world of balloons. Her journey began in 2007 along with her company xoxo creations. With a lot of practice and perseverance she has managed to develop an effective method to make designs and put her personal touch in each decoration.

Leslie Hicks

🇺🇸 A 36-year-old decorator, mother of 5 children, they are her motivation. For over 9 years she worked as an accounting manager for the hotel industry as well as for a French travel company based in Florida. She found a passion in event decor and decided to take money out of her 401k and invest in herself. She purchased her first location on February 2nd, 2015. Today she owns a successful party store and represents Gemar in the Inglewood, California area.

Karen Basalo

🇺🇸 CERTIFIED PARTY DECORATOR (CPD) certified by Balloons by Luz Paz. Karen’s company is the only balloon decorating company in Dallas, Texas that is accredited as balloon artists in all of its variants.
As part of their commitment to quality, they attend decoration training throughout the year, learning new techniques and trends to provide the best service possible.

Javier Gallaga

🇺🇸 Javier Gallaga, also known as Jay, is the founder of Jay’s Party Shop, a balloon decoration shop that has given hundreds of smiles with its great proposals. This young Latino started decorating with balloons for family and friends, to later gain popularity among the community and start working for third parties. His passion for decoration combines creativity and ingenuity, characteristics that led him to become one of the best-known balloon artists in the city. Jay joined the Gemar family in November 2020 and is currently an official Gemar distributor in Arizona. He is currently working on the opening of a new headquarters in Mexicali, B.C Mexico, working on the internationalization of his personal brand.

Greiska Graterol

🇺🇸 Greiska graterol Venezuelan started in the world of Balloon Decorations in 2016 out of passion, in 2017 she began her career at a professional level training with the best exponents of the art, she has gradually perfected her skills until she developed the talent to provide her clients with works of art. She feels more affinity with twisting and distortion techniques where through latex she manages to show the world that Balloons stop being simple balloons in the right hands.
She is an entrepreneur, Balloon Artist and Instructor, she has managed to train more than 2000 people in different countries, she has positioned herself in the industry for the discipline, humility and talent that characterizes her.

Gergo Csatai

🇺🇸 Gergő born in 1990, comes from Hungary. Although he started his working life as an economist, he quickly realised his passion was in balloon art. In 2010, he learnt how to twist balloons and shortly afterwards became a full-time magician/juggler and balloon twister. He continues to be amazed by the joy he brings to people from his talent.
In 2014 Gergő joined Funny Box Kft, Gemar’s Hungarian distributor. His passion for balloons is on a majestic scale – he made numerous huge balloon structures all across Hungary.
Gergő also works as an entertainer (Line twisting, child parties) and as a clown doctor.

Dana Lampon

🇺🇸 My name is Dana Lampón, I am 39 years old, I am a graduate of Advertising and Public Relations, a Communicator by profession and a Balloonist at heart. 15 years ago I discovered my passion for balloons, which prompted me to develop my business and teach courses. In 2022 I was named Gemar Talent and in 2023 together with my colleague Yaritza Martínez we joined the GemarUSA Family with the opening of our Funny Balloons PR store.

Anyi Checo

🇺🇸 Her passion for creating with balloons began a long time ago when Anyi was still living in the Dominican Republic, she has more than 10 years of experience in the world of balloons. She moved to the United States where she had the opportunity to learn about Gemar balloons. She has received training from world-renowned instructors and has also offered online and face to face classes.

Alisson Vasconcelos

🇺🇸 Alisson discovered the world of balloons when he was 13 years old. Starting as a childhood hobby for a family… But now balloons are his great passion, which has additionally allowed him to live, learn and travel.

Vincenzo Musto

🇺🇸 Vincenzo Musto began his journey into the world of balloon decoration in 1992 when he opened his first balloon shop in Napoli in Italy. Curiously he focused on various techniques and special effects but fell in love with the creativity of balloon art when he discovered twisting. He now specializes in techniques to create balloon decor with modelling balloons. In 2008 Vincenzo was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. His experience and natural passion for balloons made him a natural teacher. Armed with enthusiasm he travels promoting the culture of balloons and teaching the techniques for crafting balloon decorations. Vincenzo teaches worldwide spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Claudio Casagrande

🇺🇸 Claudio Casagrande opened his first party shop in 1991 in his home town Aprilia in Italy. He quickly realised his passion for the art of balloon decoration. Over the years he has mastered techniques to create sculptures using innovative techniques with G-link  balloons. In 2006 Claudio was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. In 2008 he participated in GEMAR’s G20 and the debut of Academia. Claudio teaches all over the world, spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA


🇺🇸 Tamiplipe’s unusual name was given to him by his young daughter, who couldn’t pronounce Jean-Philippe. In 2008 “Tampilipe Le Magnifique” was created, originally as a street artist. He enjoyed entertaining passers by with fakir and juggling, but it wasn’t long before Tampilipe discovered the joy of balloons. Tampilipe was captivated first by balloon sculpture, then by decor and he uses his skills to create beautiful pieces that can make any occasion truly magical.

Vincenzo Musto

  Vincenzo Musto empezó su viaje por el mundo de la decoración con globos en 1992, cuando abrió su primera tienda de globos en Nápoles, Italia. Curiosamente se concentró en varias técnicas y efectos especiales, pero se enamoró de la creatividad del arte de los globos cuando descubrió el torcimiento. Ahora se especializa en técnicas de modelado de globos. En 2008 Vincenzo fue invitado a unirse a la academia de maestros de Gemar®. Su experiencia y su pasión innata por los globos lo convirtieron en un maestro. Viaja con entusiasmo para promover la cultura de los globos y enseñar técnicas de decoración. Vincenzo enseña en todo el mundo, desde Europa hasta Asia, Medio Oriente y Estados Unidos.

Claudio Casagrande

🇪🇸Aprilia, Italia. Pronto descubrió su pasión por el arte de la decoración con globos. Con los años fue adquiriendo experiencia en la creación de esculturas, aplicando técnicas
innovadoras con globos G-link. En 2006 Claudio fue invitado a unirse a la academia de maestros de Gemar®. En 2008 participó en GEMAR’s G20 y el debut de la Academia.
Claudio enseña en todo el mundo, desde Europa hasta Asia, Medio Oriente y EstadosUnidos

Lia Leottau

🇺🇸 Lia has always been creative. At first, she was dedicated to the art of makeup, until one day she offered to create an exhibition of balloons. It was fortunate, since that first exhibition gave birth to a passion for the art of balloons that has made it a world leader in the industry. As her passion and vision grew, Lia transformed into a true artist. She loves working with colors and adding accessories to create amazing and creative artworks. Her sculptures are always a little different, fun and innovative in all their beautiful details. Lia owns the Balloons by Lia Leottau store and is an enthusiastic businesswoman who has captivated the entire world with her talent. She also makes time to listen to music, dance and go out with friends. The energy and joy she experience in the dancefloor is reflected in the grace and form of her sculptures, which are truly the ultimate of balloon art.