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1st Place - The G Party Don’t Stop

Loriemar Muñoz

How does it feel to have participated and won one of the prizes?

For me it was a pride and emotion to be able to represent my island through the art of balloons. Carrying the message of the celebration of November 19, the 528 years of discovery of the island of enchantment, Puerto Rico. Being able to win first place was a big surprise for us. Since the competition that for me was a sharing with colleagues from other countries and with an extraordinary talent has been of great satisfaction for me, as well as for my company and my country. I appreciate the opportunity to let us show our talent, love and passion for balloons in such a fun way.

3rd Place - The G Party Don’t Stop

Anyelina Checo

 After the event, what changes have you made to your decorations or your business?

I would say that after the event my motivation is even greater, it awoke in my desire to do bigger, more artistic, and more original things

Vincenzo Musto

🇺🇸   Vincenzo Musto began his journey into the world of balloon decoration in 1992 when he opened his first balloon shop in Napoli in Italy. Curiously he focused on various techniques and special effects but fell in love with the creativity of balloon art when he discovered twisting. He now specializes in techniques to create balloon decor with modelling balloons. In 2008 Vincenzo was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. His experience and natural passion for balloons made him a natural teacher. Armed with enthusiasm he travels promoting the culture of balloons and teaching the techniques for crafting balloon decorations. Vincenzo teaches worldwide spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Claudio Casagrande

🇺🇸 Claudio Casagrande opened his first party shop in 1991 in his home town Aprilia in Italy. He quickly realised his passion for the art of balloon decoration. Over the years he has mastered techniques to create sculptures using innovative techniques with G-link  balloons. In 2006 Claudio was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. In 2008 he participated in GEMAR’s G20 and the debut of Academia. Claudio teaches all over the world, spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA

Lia Leottau

🇺🇸 Lia has always been creative. At first, she was dedicated to the art of makeup, until one day she offered to create an exhibition of balloons. It was fortunate, since that first exhibition gave birth to a passion for the art of balloons that has made it a world leader in the industry. As her passion and vision grew, Lia transformed into a true artist. She loves working with colors and adding accessories to create amazing and creative artworks. Her sculptures are always a little different, fun and innovative in all their beautiful details.