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Gemar USA

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the closest airport to arrive.

Our main event Gemarday USA is characterized by including everything !! The balloons, the materials for the classes, materials for the convention,  snacks  and the meals during the event are covered, the energy and a lot of learning. But so that you can feel comfortable, our recommendation is that you bring comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes to work with, business cards or marketing material that can show the best of you! Remember that it is an event where you will be surrounded from people like you, which means that you can find new associates, co-workers or simply share ideas! We are colleagues …

Our event is educational and has participation costs per person, so that alone will be able people who are registered to participate in the convention attend.

Our event is an educational event, that is focused in classes to teach the art of balloons and with him make of you a good professional as part of our industry. Please note, it is a massive event so we recommend attending as many classes during the event so that you can get the most information.
  • Either you an entrepreneur with a sales or store business, at this event you will be able to develop a better knowledge about the product, colors, decorations, optimization of resources and materials. And you can learn about what is trending in our industry to apply within your business strategy.
  • New project, if you wishes to come to our event because you whises to be inspired. Keep in mind that the balloonit is an expression way of art! Here you can learn, educate yourself, interact with people who are within the party industry and nourish from this to successfully project your vision.
  • Twister / animator in our classes you can to learn about how to treat the balloon in general and incorporate new techniques into your art! You can take a look at our teacher instructors so that you can note that our classes also contain the art of balloon modeling.
  • Our Gemarday USA teaches classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Our event will always be educational with hands forward with our materials. Here you will not only learn, but also decorate with us and make amazing decorations !!! Here you can get the best out of it and see how the professionals do it and learn from them !! We can always learn something new …

Our convention is an educational event and has costs for participation per person, expenses and commitments before our coordination of the event. For what it really is, it is non-transferable, this is because when you already register there are procedures and material awarded to your name and data.

The $ 100 gift card will be valid as of October 21, 2021 (no expiration date). And you can use it as follows:

• For purchases in the sales area during the event.
• Purchases by phone to our store from October 21, 2021.
• Purchases at our distributor Funny Balloons store from October 21, 2021