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FAQ Gemar live

Our classes are taught by instructors from many parts of the world and the classes are done in the main language of the instructor, on the positive side, the majority of our courses have translations and we have a chat where you can ask questions.
When you enroll in our recorded courses you have immediate access and in the live courses you will have access on the day of the event at the scheduled time.
Video replays will be uploaded within 3 weeks after the live classes. As a registered participant, you will have access for life.
You may, but not from many devices at the same time. If the system detects that you are sharing your access you will be blocked permanently.
You will not be able to download or share it, they are copyrighted.
All our courses are final sales, we do not give money back or any exchange.
If you have connectivity problems, issues with the audio of your device or any other inconvenience, remember the recording while be available for a 30-day span.
Yes, you can interact with the instructor in the live classes.
When you make the first purchase, your account will be created on our platform. With that account you will be able to access the classes, you must log into MY ACCOUNT (located in the menu) by entering your username and password, in this way you will be able to see your classes in the MY CLASSES menu.

Vincenzo Musto

🇺🇸   Vincenzo Musto began his journey into the world of balloon decoration in 1992 when he opened his first balloon shop in Napoli in Italy. Curiously he focused on various techniques and special effects but fell in love with the creativity of balloon art when he discovered twisting. He now specializes in techniques to create balloon decor with modelling balloons. In 2008 Vincenzo was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. His experience and natural passion for balloons made him a natural teacher. Armed with enthusiasm he travels promoting the culture of balloons and teaching the techniques for crafting balloon decorations. Vincenzo teaches worldwide spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA.

Claudio Casagrande

🇺🇸 Claudio Casagrande opened his first party shop in 1991 in his home town Aprilia in Italy. He quickly realised his passion for the art of balloon decoration. Over the years he has mastered techniques to create sculptures using innovative techniques with G-link  balloons. In 2006 Claudio was invited to join Gemar’s Academia Masters. In 2008 he participated in GEMAR’s G20 and the debut of Academia. Claudio teaches all over the world, spanning the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and USA

Lia Leottau

🇺🇸 Lia has always been creative. At first, she was dedicated to the art of makeup, until one day she offered to create an exhibition of balloons. It was fortunate, since that first exhibition gave birth to a passion for the art of balloons that has made it a world leader in the industry. As her passion and vision grew, Lia transformed into a true artist. She loves working with colors and adding accessories to create amazing and creative artworks. Her sculptures are always a little different, fun and innovative in all their beautiful details.