Welcome to our event Balloon Trip, the 1st Edition.

1.- “It is a privilege for us to go hand in hand with this great Party Industry and to be able to perform this event with your presence and support”because the most beautiful thing about the world of balloons is that we can make the impossible, finally possible!!!!

2.- Our event, The Balloon Trip – 1st Edition. It is an event of our brand Gemar USA®️ for the United States and Latin America and as such, contains a great platform for preparation, production and classes. So, it is a face-to-face event with the aim of strengthening educational and practical opportunities to promote the professional growth of balloon decorators and more.

3.- Our event, The Balloon Trip. Is a final sale so we do not make refunds or changes because as the main event, with the purchase of your ticket we are committed to the planning and production of the event.

4.- Our event, The Balloon trip – 1st Edition, is a massive educational and practical event, so please note that any verbal or physical commentary or language that is offensive, inappropriate, discriminatory, racial, sexual or personal assault in any way that may undermine the good performance of the class, the instructors, the brand, the sponsors and the convention in general is prohibited and your non-compliance will result in the suspension of the convention, without the right to refunds or changes.

 5.- If you have any questions or have any problems about using the platform, feel free to contact our technical support at info@gemardayusa.com or directly at this link: TECHNICAL SUPPORT

6.- If you withdraw from the event under any circumstances (before July 31, 2021), you will be reimbursed the amount paid to date minus a $100 fine for administrative expenses and liability to suppliers.

7.- If you withdraw from the event under any circumstances (after August 01, 2021) you will be withheld 80% of the amount paid to date for administrative expense penalty, supplier liability and event coordination.

8.- Our event, The Balloon Trip – 1st  Edition is a face-to-face event that contains comprehensive planning and is therefore non-transferable enrollments.